By downloading the app or registering on the website www.ironwala.in you hereby agree with the terms of service agreement. the terms of service agreement. Ironwala is a wholly owned unit of M/s. Ironwala Sevices Pvt Ltd. Trademark and copyrights are owned by the company M/s. Ironwala Services Pvt Ltd,.

1. Ironwala.in is a platform to connect customers with their network of istriwalas. Using the website or the APP registered customers can add new ironers and place orders. The app may also be used to create a job ticket in which the customer may record the garments given for ironing along with the agreed rate of ironing with their istriwala and close the job ticket after receiving the clothes back

2. Ironwala partners offer electric ironing and steam ironing services depending on which service the partner provides. The rates are the same irrespective of the type of method used to iron

3. Ironwala.in partners are free to reduce the rate of ironing but cannot charge in excess. Customers are to ascertain the rates with the partner before giving each order.

4. Ironwala.in does not take any responsibility for lost or damaged clothes by its partners what so ever and also does not take responsibility of no show or delayed delivery of clothes. Customers need to verify the authenticity of the partners/ istriwalas before handing over the clothes.

5. Ironwala.in may communicate with its registered customers by email or mobile phone to inform about any of the services that Ironwala Services Pvt Ltd or its group companies offer

6. Legal jurisdiction is restricted to Bangalore

7. To report any issues mail must be sent to support@ironwala.in